PENNY Italia: Optimal liquidity thanks to CHG-MERIDIAN

On course for growth with an innovative IT utilization model

Our customer PENNY

PENNY is a REWE Group company and has been active in large-scale sales in Italy for almost 30 years. PENNY Italy's recipe for success: passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. Around 4,400 employees work in over 400 stores and seven sales centers. Italy is a growth market - further investments and new markets are planned for the future.



Tight budget and pressure to make savings


Avoidance of high investment costs and tying up capital in equipment purchases


Lack of financial planning reliability

Competing successfully with a modernized IT landscape

PENNY had to modernize its equipment landscape in order to stay competitive amidst market price pressure. With around 10,000 different types of devices, including servers, notebooks, smartphones, and in-store tills, managing this diverse IT infrastructure became complex and costly and tied up liquidity. We assisted PENNY by implementing a comprehensive usage model that offers a transparent financial overview, predictable payments ensures planning reliability and budget relief for the company.

Our formula for success


Over 10,000 IT devices, including servers, notebooks, smartphones, cash registers


Predictable monthly installments,  avoiding high acquisition costs and optimised total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Remarketing at the end of useful life, the future value is  included in the monthly installments leading to optimal residual value utilization


Lifecycle management services and an asset management solution from tesma®

Lifecycle Management Services

Our usage model includes the pre-configuration of mobile devices, delivery of the devices to your locations, support and maintenance as well as rapid device replacement in the event of a defect.


Our technology and service management platform tesma®  enables PENNY Italia to benefit from a comprehensive overview of its IT equipment. It integrates commercial and technical data and provides the company with holistic insights along the entire technology lifecycle - from rollout and device retrieval to certified deletion.

tesma en


Whether it's about TCO reduction, cash flow optimization or planning security - our lifecycle usage concept with operational leasing is a "perfect match" for PENNY Italia. It avoids high up-front investment costs, offers flexibility in changing situations, enables full cost control as well as cost center-specific billing thus creating the optimal basis for improved decision making. And all this without unnecessarily burdening the environment. PENNY Italia and CHG-MERIDIAN: a partnership in which CIO Marco Ruffinoni also sees great potential.

"CHG-MERIDIAN is the best choice for us: they guarantee us a high degree of flexibility that the competition did not offer us. It was therefore not just a question of cost-effectiveness, although this aspect was certainly relevant, but also one of business transparency."
Marco Ruffinoni, CIO of PENNY Italia
Let's talk about the numbers

reduce carbon emissions

31 %

of the carbon emissions can be saved with an operational lease - Vito NV (2022)

Lifecycle Management


IT assets around the world were given a second life - Vito NV (2022)

Excess, obsolete hardware

60 %

of devices currently end up in the drawer at end of life
- Vito NV (2022)

Tools to success

tesma - all data in one system

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Financial climate contribution

Greater sustainability in IT procurement
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Maximum security through certified dara erasure
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