Customer Missions: Healthcare Technology

Intelligent use of cutting-edge medical technology and hospital IT

Position your health service successfully against the competition with modern technology and counter cost pressure with clever savings.

Whether electronic patient files, patient monitors or robotics in the operating theatre: digitalization in the healthcare sector is becoming increasingly dynamic. At the same time, clinics are facing increasing cost pressure. How can you meet all these expectations and position yourself successfully in the face of tough competition? With an individual usage model from CHG-MERIDIAN, you can do both: finance modern technology and save costs at the same time.

As your independent technology and financing partner, we support you throughout your challenges. We offer you flexible, usage-based financing, seamless support and value-adding lifecycle management of your assets from procurement to return or remarketing. There is no question that we adhere to the highest data security standards in such a sensitive area as the healthcare industry.

Discover the full potential of your opportunities with us - which of these goals are you pursuing?

Overview of Healthcare Technology Customer Missions

Transform your technology fleet from a cost burden to an efficiency driver

Want to drive cost savings and budget optimization in your hospital or clinic? Learn how you can achieve this with CHG-MERIDIAN. 

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Free up budget for state-of-the-art medical technology in your clinic

Enable greater investments in innovative healthcare technology that improves your health service

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“In CHG-MERIDIAN, we have found a partner who specializes in finding the best possible financing solutions for every requirement. In our case, it is a one-stop project financing solution that takes the burden of negotiating with vendors off our hands while providing maximum transparency. It gives us the certainty we need in order to invest in the future of our healthcare technology – for the benefit of our patients”.

Additional Services

Further extras for your individual solution


Using our technology lifecyle expertise, we manage all kinds of equipment, from smartphones and laptops to healthcare technology and forklift trucks. tesma is the platform through which we implement our customized business concepts, keeping your costs and administrative burden to a minimum. And not least to make work more enjoyable, as many processes are straightforward, paperless, and convenient.

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Carbon-neutral leasing

Carbon-Neutral with carbonZERo

Sustainability has become a differentiating factor in the market. Thanks to carbonZER0, the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-life phase of your CHG-MERIDIAN financed IT assets can now be carbon-neutral.

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Convert your owned assets to cash

Our simple process gives your business cash for your existing assets and immediately provides you with strong budget and refresh information.

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Device-as-a-service: flexible IT rental

Faced with overstretched IT systems, ever-shorter innovation cycles, and a growing appetite for digital workplaces, companies need a simple, flexible solution for international IT procurement. That solution is devicenow, our device-as-a-service model.

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Your challenges are our top priority

We listen to you very carefully. And on this basis, we develop your individual technology usage model for your IT hardware, your industrial fleet and healthcare equipment.
We combine assets, financing and services to create a tailor-made solution. Independent of manufacturers and banks. Digital, global, centralized from a single source.

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