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Going green with a LIFECYCE solution for IT

Discover how Coca-Cola HBC Austria leverages its IT strategy to support its sustainability objectives

Our customer COCA-COLA HBC Austria

The COCA-COLA Company is a prominent global player - known for some of the most recognizable products worldwide. COCA-COLA HBC Austria, one of the leading beverage partners in Austria and the company's licensed bottler, is supported by CHG-MERIDIAN when it comes to IT. Building on this successful collaboration the company is now turning to us when it comes to achieving sustainability goals.



Commitment to reduce emissions to "net zero" by 2040


Modernization of IT devices for 900 employees


The need to drive increased cost efficiency to improve business outcomes

Contributing to greater sustainability with IT

COCA-COLA HBC Austria has made a Group-wide commitment to reducing emissions to "net zero" by 2040 - along the entire value chain. Accordingly, the careful use of resources is promoted in all measures and decisions. To implement this in the area of IT, the company has opted for a sustainable usage solution from CHG-MERIDIAN. 

Leasing optimizes the value chain and extends the lifespan of assets, it reduces the environmental footprint, creates better cost-effectiveness, while it prioritizes factors such as quality, flexibility, and easy maintenance.

Our customized technology2use success formula for COCA-COLA HBC Austria


Modern IT devices for 900 employees at several locations in Austria: Smartphones, notebooks, PCs, TFT monitors and handheld scanners, supplemented by server, storage and network components 


"Usage instead of ownership" is the motto of our financing concept. With regular instalments instead of large investments, leasing offers better budget planning and protects liquidity.


End-to-end lifecycle services, climate financial contributions with carbonZER0, data sanitization with eraSURE and asset management with tesma® 

Lifecycle Management Services

CHG-MERIDIAN's life cycle management contributes to greater sustainability in the sense of the circular economy. All devices in use at COCA-COLA HBC Austria are given a new lease of life at the end of their useful life: they are professionally refurbished and resold in the secondary market via our own remarketing center.


Our technology and service management platform tesma  enables COCA-COLA HBC Austria to benefit from a comprehensive overview of its IT equipment. This integrates commercial and technical data and provides the company with holistic insights along the entire technology lifecycle - from rollout and device retrieval to certified deletion. 

tesma en


The combination of cost efficiency and sustainability convinced COCA-COLA HBC Austria of our sustainable lifecycle usage model. An important step in the area of IT to achieve the company's ambitious targets for reducing emissions.

Ingeborg Tichy, Senior Buyer, sees herself on the same wavelength as CHG-MERIDIAN.

"With CHG-MERIDIAN, we have a partner that acts in the spirit of environmental compatibility and has a holistic understanding of sustainability. We are pursuing a common goal here!"
Ingeborg Tichy, Senior Buyer, COCA-COLA HBC Austria
Problems solved in numbers


12 %

reduction in costs is what organizations that have scaled sustainable IT usecases have achived on average.


31 %

of the carbon emissions can be saved with an operational lease.


30 %

of IT experts have already recognized the potential of sustainable IT procurement.

Success tools

tesma - all data in one system

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Carbon-neutral leasing

Financial climate contributions for a more sustainable leasing
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Data security through certified erasure procedures
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