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What do you do with your industrial technology at the end of its useful life? Do you look to remarket it? Read on to learn how to implement an efficient remarketing solution that is both cost-efficient and sustainable.

More time for your core business

Does your asset pool consist of a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers? For example, a mix of forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks, and working platforms spread across multiple sites around the world? Then you know how time-consuming remarketing at the end of the lease term can be.

Collection and transportation can also be a headache, especially if assets are non-standard or subject to specific transportation rules. The transportation of assets containing certain types of lithium battery, for example, is subject to hazardous waste regulations. Other assets may be so large, for example very tall industrial trucks, that they are difficult to transport by normal means.

This is where our remarketing experts come into play, as they can take care of all these issues. Using their many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, they can manage the collection and the fast and cost-efficient remarketing of your industrial infrastructure. Irrespective of location, asset type, or manufacturer. You benefit from a single point of contact who takes care of everything, saving you time and resources that you can devote to your core business.

Minimum risk, maximum benefit

It is a familiar scenario: At the end of the lease term, when assets are assessed and checked for damage, the final bill may hold unpleasant surprises. “We take on assets before the end of the term to protect our customers from this kind of surprise,” says Markus Hiller, a remarketing expert at CHG-MERIDIAN. “If we uncover any damage that goes beyond the expected wear and tear, we will highlight the write-down in a transparent way. Our customers then have the option to repair the damage, which gives them full control of the costs and often saves them money,” he adds.

Our remarketing experts’ market knowledge can save time when it comes to questions such as: Which dealer is interested in what type of assets? Where can the equipment be sold at the expected residual value? Who is looking to buy this type of equipment in France? Or in Mexico? Our experts can even handle hugely diverse asset pools and unusual asset types. We ensure that you get the best outcome while keeping your risk to a minimum.

Market knowledge and specialist expertise are two key pillars of our remarketing philosophy, as they guarantee the simple and efficient remarketing of your industrial technology. The third pillar is sustainability and the responsible use of resources.

Markus Hiller, Remarketing Expert at CHG-MERIDIAN

“A growing number of our customers attach great importance to their technology management following the principles of the circular economy in addition to reaping the economic benefits of our remarketing concept.”

Reuse it, don’t scrap it

CHG-MERIDIAN has been following the principles of the circular economy for more than 40 years, and our commercially and environmentally optimized lifecycle management is based on this approach. Thanks to efficient, customized business concepts, our customers always use the latest, resource-efficient technology, while we ensure that retired assets are put to further economic use via remarketing. After refurbishment, they are ready for a second life and further use. Outdated or damaged assets are an invaluable resource for adding further value. The longer useful life has a positive impact on the assets’ overall environmental footprint. This is not a new way of thinking at CHG-MERIDIAN; it is firmly embedded in our business model.

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