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Proactive Lifecycle Management On a Global Scale

A centralized financial and technology lifecycle management platform can streamline procurement processes, help teams monitor asset lifecycles and locations and centralize corresponding financial and contract information with universal transparency.

if you can't measure it you can't improve it

The value of bringing together disparate information together into one view is invaluable for organizations. Including asset information mixed with financial information allows for the necesary data to make smart decisions. Having a single, centralized system can have applications in any department in the organization. A single instance can help multiple departments manage asset lifecycles, seamlessly and with minimal efforts, scaling the operational cost savings that are achievable with the platform. For example:

  • Procurement: Simplify keeping track of purchases and suppliers by integrating the platform with external systems and supplier platforms.
  • Accounting: Access detailed information about each individual asset, with automation for processing and allocating invoices to specific cost centers in the company.
  • Information Technology: Connect technical databases with commercial data; track equipment orders, installations, and storage and monitor provider performance.
  • Logistics & Warehousing: Automate the capture of serial numbers and enter asset-specific information as soon as it is received.
  • Controlling: Streamline planning for annual equipment budgets, visualize expenses to each individual cost center, and create graphical reports with automated tools.
  • Human Resources: Seamlessly track employer benefits solutions (EBS) equipment and provide clear answers to EBS budget questions.


The Key to Successful User Adoption—Make it Effortless

TESMA® is CHG-MERIDIAN’s web-based system for proactive lifecycle management and equipment cost allocation. There simply isn’t a centralized platform of this kind on the market quite like it. TESMA® was born from decades of refinement based on in-depth market knowledge and direct feedback from customers. Today, the platform does more than simplify asset lifecycle management. It changes the way companies approach and prioritize equipment management in their organizations, helping them align those responsibilities with business-wide KPIs.

It’s one thing to talk about all the capabilities of a technology, and another thing altogether to get all teams companywide to adopt it and use it successfully. But as is the case with TESMA®, centralized service management platforms make procuring, tracking, and lifecycle management of business-critical equipment easy to embrace, no matter the users’ role.


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TLM International

Universal Technology Lifecycle Management for International Companies

Enterprise and international companies that deploy IT or industrial equipment have a common problem—a lack of visibility into the various lifecycles of their dispersed technology assets. Senior decision makers often don’t know what assets they have, let alone what unnecessary costs they are incurring, nor the impact of those inefficiencies.



Our central aim is that we reduce your workload and support you and your company at every stage of the technology lifecycle. And this is based on TESMA®, which brings together commercial and technical information in a fully integrated approach.


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As your technology and financing partner, we work with you to develop a tailor-made concept, independent of manufacturers and banks.