Managing Carbon Footprint

Managing your firm’s carbon footprint: A beginner's guide

There is an increasing trend among forward-thinking companies to consider sustainability and carbon neutrality as part of their future business plans. These considerations are about more than a good piece of public relations; they are part of social responsibility to both its staff and customers.

What is asset disposal?

Technology never stands still, and IT assets are depreciating in value and efficacy faster than ever. What was cutting-edge yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. Upgrading unwanted and aging assets is essential in modern business. But doing so with an eye on sustainability can earn your business a cash windfall and a large dose of goodwill among your customers. 

An asset disposal specialist provides you with an accurate appraisal of your outgoing equipment. Rather than dispose of your old IT assets yourself, you can allow the specialist to sell them on as used items. This 21st-century reusing of assets is good for the environment, as well as your bottom line. 

Once you accept the offer for your outdated IT assets, they’re picked up and sent to a specialized processing facility. The assets are then fully inspected, tested, de-branded, and digitally sanitized. This is all done in line with National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 requirements.

Your old IT assets are sold off via various online and offline sales channels. In most instances, you’ll receive a proportion of the proceeds, along with a lot of environmental kudos. Some asset disposal specialists offer “carbon credits,” which can be used to offset carbon consumption in other areas of your business. 

By disposing of your aging IT assets in this way, you could potentially make your entire business carbon neutral. At the very least, you’re playing an important role in the global fight against rising temperatures. 

What are the benefits of carbon-neutral IT asset disposal?

For most people, the knowledge that they’re playing their part in the fight against climate change is reward enough. But that’s not the only advantage of this approach to IT asset disposal. 

Earn money for aging IT assets

Your old IT gear might not serve your business as well as it used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable to someone else. Once your old IT equipment is sold, you’ll receive a cash payment or a significant discount from the supplier of your replacement equipment.

Save money

Storing and safely disposing of IT equipment cost money. By trading in your unused IT assets with a carbon-neutral asset disposal service, you can avoid most or all of these costs. 

Offset carbon use elsewhere

Every business consumes carbon. When you switch on a light, for example. Carbon was emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere when the energy used to power the light was generated. By recycling your IT assets, you can offset carbon consumption in other areas of your operation.

Improve your public image

There’s an enormous amount of prestige to be earned through demonstrating green credentials. By taking part in this type of carbon offsetting initiative, you can boost your brand within your industry — and among your customers.

Ensure your security

Disposing of IT assets is a technical, highly specialized process. One mistake or misstep, and your sensitive company data could end up in the wrong hands. Choose an IT asset disposal expert that guarantees a NIST-compliant data wipe to set your mind at ease. 

Become an environmental leader in your sector

Disposing of IT assets is a technical, highly specialized process. One mistake or misstep, and your sensitive company data could end up in the wrong hands. Choose an IT asset disposal expert that guarantees a NIST-compliant data wipe to set your mind at ease. 

A new approach to IT asset management

The old methods of IT asset management are becoming increasingly costly — both financially and environmentally. When you buy IT assets, they start to depreciate from day one. And with each extra day that passes, those assets become a little more obsolete. Eventually, you need to buy replacements and ensure outgoing assets are sanitized and disposed of safely.

CHG-MERIDIAN takes an altogether fresh approach. Efficient Technology Management® is the new approach to IT asset management that allows businesses like yours to stay ahead of the technology curve while offsetting carbon footprints. 

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From refurbishment to remarketing, CHG-MERIDIAN can help you lower your business’s carbon footprint and play a small part in saving the planet.

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