• The special expertise of a CHG-MERIDIAN consultant is a result of their integrated competence. Be it one of the largest PACS/RIS installations in Europe, a complex KIS project, an innovative PC lifecycle plan or OP robots for a university clinic: Thanks to many years of practical experience they know your requirements and they have the necessary industry and project expertise.

    They analyze the existing infrastructure in terms of cost andearning rate aspects (TCO/TVO) and compare these to the corresponding benchmarks of the latest technology. They known how to optimize the conditions of new acquisitions through the trade-in of predecessor models and to generate extra liquidity for you. And last but not least, they are an expert in financial engineering with a great understanding of how to unite your procurement needs with your budget requirements.

    Right at the start of the project they take on your device inventory in the Asset Management System and use it to generate a clear overview of all technical and commercial information streams along the entire technology lifecycle. For you this means maximum transparency and completely new monitoring and controlling opportunities. And it is a trend-setting step for subsequent optimization processes. Our experience spanning 30 years and over 8,000 projects supports you.

    • Improved purchasing conditions with extensive market and price knowledge – even after the utilization phase.
    • Extensive support in the extension, modification and adjustment of technology investments during the operating period.
  • As the responsible single point-of-contact, your CHG-MERIDIAN project manager sustainably reduces complexity, ensures a straight-forward implementation and the seamless operation of your technology investments in the healthcare sector.

    • Control of product ordering, monitoring of delivery and the proper operational set-up.
    • Development of maintenance and warranty plans which guarantee the availability of your devices and relieve your budgets.
    • Standardization of acquisition processes.
  • With a clear overview of all financial and liquidity streams we identify both sources of revenue and costs. An individual payment management system supports you in aligning your investment volumes with the commercial goals (ROI, budget, costs).

    With the automation of formerly manual processes we optimize the ordering and invoicing of devices, materials and services. It allows the clear assignment of device and financial information, of consumption and costs. Many departments in your company will benefit from this: Accounting no longer has to produce Excel worksheets for consumption cost invoicing, Procurement finally has a correct order workflow, the Controller has their report on-screen in next to no time.

    • Maximum cost and process transparency for your financial management.
    • Central project coordination: all project costs are displayed in a plannable payment stream.
    • Transparent invoicing models for full cost monitoring including cost center offsetting with optional monthly partial payment invoices.
    • Detailed provision of cost centers and other financial information.
    • Determination of investment costs through the intelligent evaluation of asset management and inventory information.