Added value at all phases of the facility and technology lifecycle



The complete coverage of the technology lifecycle is a result of the integrative command of different competencies and areas of activity.

  • CHG-MERIDIAN consultants' special expertise stems from their combination of competencies. Whether it's central data centers, modern welding lines, innovative PC lifecycle concepts or automation robots for the electronics industry, your CHG-MERIDIAN consultant delivers the necessary sector and project expertise.

    They analyze the existing infrastructure from cost and intrinsic value aspects (TCO/TVO) and contrast them with the appropriate benchmarks of the latest technologies. They identify cost drivers, increase prospects by using saving potentials, and see to it that investments are hedged. They know how to optimize new acquisitions and generate additional liquidity through trade-in of predecessor models.

    Right from the start they will transfer your equipment inventory into the Asset Management System in order to generate a clear view of all technical and commercial dependencies. A trend-setting step for subsequent optimization processes. Our more than 30 years of experience in over 8,000 projects provides you with the necessary support.

    • Improved procurement conditions deriving from extensive knowledge of markets and prices – including after the utilization phase.
    • Comprehensive support in expanding, switching and adapting technology investments during operating time.
    • Compliance with international requirements recognizable for financial accounting purposes (US-GAAP and IAS / IFRS ).
  • As your single point of contact, your CHG-MERIDIAN consultant will make a lasting reduction in complexity, ensure clear implementation and operation of your investments in technology.

    • Control of ordering, monitoring of delivery and proper set-up.
    • Development of maintenance and warranty schemes that guarantee the availability of your equipment and relieve your budgets.
    • Standardization of procurement processes.
  • With a clear view of financials and cash flow, we single out not only sources of revenue but also of costs. By bundling individual investments we increase financing efficiency, and with intelligent payment management we contribute to integrating technology investments with commercial goals (ROI, budget, costs).

    With simple automation of previously manual processes we optimize the ordering and billing of devices, material and services.

    • Maximum cost and process transparency for your financial management.
    • Centralized project coordination: All project costs are mapped in a scheduled cash flow.
    • Transparent pricing models for complete cost control, including cost distribution with optional monthly estimated bills.
    • Detailed allocation of cost centers and other financial information.
    • Identification of investment costs with intelligent evaluation of inventory information.
  • At the end of the agreed useful life we disconnect your equipment pool and see that it is removed in its entirety. An environmentally-friendly disposal will then be carried out at our own Technology and Service Center. A refurbishment of the used devices may take place at the hands of CHG-MERIDIAN partners. Subsequent resale is in line with economically responsible recycling management and green technology.

    As for any hard disks and data memories that your devices may be equipped with, we ensure that any confidential information gathered there remains confidential with a certified data erasure process. Specially trained employees, an elaborate logistics system and a special erasure procedure ensure that your confidential information remains confidential.